Europese topper: Ireland 1 ( )

Nederland: 3 ( )

België: 18 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 24


The Value-For-Money index by Flemish employers’ organisation VOKA compares the government input with its output. High taxes and other government revenues can be justified to finance a well-functioning government with excellent public services. VOKA benchmarks the 24 European OECD-countries on 46 metrics spanning the economy, healthcare, rule of law, education, the environment, and more. Although the latest report dates from 2016, VOKA graciously provided us with their calculations for 2018.


Sweden has fallen from the throne, dropping from the first to the fifth place. Ireland, previously 11th, shoots to the top. The top three is completed with Switzerland, rising from 4th to 2nd, and the Netherlands, rising from 6th to 3rd. The Scandinavian countries have fallen, but remain competitive within the top 10.

Our high government revenue could be used more effectively: in terms of value-for-money we score 18th, down from 15th. This places us between Spain and Slovakia, and is mainly due to poor macro-economic fundamentals and labour market policy.

Stijn Decock, “Te weinig waar voor ons geld”, Voka groeipapers (Brussel: VOKA, 2016);

Year 2017
1 Ireland
2 Switzerland
3 Netherlands
4 Iceland
5 Sweden
6 Estonia
7 Norway
8 Germany
9 Finland
10 Denmark
11 Luxemburg
12 United Kingdom
13 Czech Republic
14 Austria France
15 Portugal
16 Slovenia
17 Spain
18 Belgium
19 Slovakia
20 Poland