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Europese topper: Germany 3 ( )

Nederland: 6 ( )

België: 21 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 140


The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index measures the performance of 140 countries on 12 pillars of competitiveness. They approximate competitiveness as those factors and institutions that facilitate improvements in productivity, thus enabling long-term growth and prosperity.

These pillars are divided into 3 subindexes with varying weights and compositions: basic requirements, efficiency enhancers, and innovation & sophistication factors.


Our 21th rank places us notably below our neighbours and main trade partners, since last year even France (17 up from 22) performs. The main malefactors are government debt (as the next item will show), budgetary deficits, a rigid labour market, low levels of trust in our financial institutions, and a shortage of scientists & engineers. On the other hand, our education system, capacity for innovation, and business sophistication shine amongst the global elite.

The Netherlands perform admirably well with a sixth place, showcasing excellent results throughout the different metrics. Out of the 12 subindexes their lowest score is a 21th slot for market size.

Klaus Schwab, “The Global Competitiveness Report”, Insight Report (Geneva: World Economic Forum, 2018)

1 United States4 Switzerland20 Israel

Year 2018
2  Singapore
3  Germany
5  Japan
6  Netherlands
7  Hong Kong
8  United Kingdom
9  Sweden
10  Denmark
11  Finland
12  Canada
13  Taiwan
14  Australia
15  South Korea
16  Norway
17  France
18  New Zealand
19  Luxembourg
21 Belgium