Ernst & Young

Europese topper: Germany 4 ( )

Nederland: 9 ( )

België: 21 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 40


The Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index of the consultancy company Ernst & Young measures the attractiveness of a country for renewable energy investment. The index has been revised recently in order to move away from artificial factors such as subsidies or government objectives, and to emphasise the ‘fundamentals’. This concerns the (need for) energy provision, a stable and conducive policy and regulatory environment, physical infrastructure and the legal framework, and the macro-economic investment climate.


Given the ambition that policymakers seem to have with regard to renewable energy and promises of a future energy provision, a 21nd place is far from sufficient. If we look at the technology-specific indicators, we especially see disappointing results for solar heat collectors, geothermal energy and energy generated by the sea. Note that, in the latter case, this does not apply to offshore wind energy, where we are in the better middle section, but, for example, wave energy.

The Netherlands is doing a lot better with 9th place, although they achieve comparable scores for most technology-specific indicators.

Year 2017
1 China
3 India
4 Germany
5 France
6 Australia
7 Japan
8 United Kingdom
9 Netherlands
10 Argentina
11 Chile
12 Morocco
13 Mexico
14 Denmark
15 Egypt
16 Canada
17 Spain
18 Turkey
19 Italy
20 Brazil
21 Belgium