Europese topper: France 2 ( )

Nederland: 12 ( )

België: 22 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 33


The OECD’s OURdata-index describes to what extent the federal or central government releases Open, Useful and Reusable data to citizens and researchers. Being able to access the data is necessary, but one shouldn’t forget the importance of its quality, the usability in calculations, the comparability over time or between countries. The index is compiled based on a survey, mainly filled in by chief information officers of that country’s companies.


Our 22nd place is quite below average, although surprisingly better than usual front runners such as Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. However, at 0.47 we score nowhere near the European leader France (0.85) or global leader South-Korea (0.94). Looking at the subindexes it seems the data our government provides is neither open, useful, or reusable.

The Netherlands outperform us across the board, mainly in terms of reusability.

Year 2017
1 Korea
2 France
3 Japan
4 Colombia
5 Mexico
6 United Kingdom
7 Spain
8 Canada
9 Austria
10 Finland
11 Australia
12 Netherlands
13 United States
14 New Zealand
15 Norway
16 Greece
17 Ireland
18 Israel
19 Italy
20 Poland
22 Belgium