World Bank

Europese topper: Germany 1 ( )

Nederland: 6 ( )

België: 3 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 160


The Logistics Performance Index is a biennial survey of professionals in logistics and international freight transport, carried out by the World Bank. These professionals assess 8 randomly selected countries, with emphasis on the main trading partners of their country. The questions gage the quality of the customs services, infrastructure, the convenience of arranging a delivery, the quality of their logistic services, the timeliness and the track & trace facilities. It is therefore a combination of the policy and the private sector relating to logistics.


As an open economy and a transit country, it will come as no surprise that Belgium scores very well. Only Germany and Sweden do better, although the difference from the latter is minimal. We owe this to our top positions with regard to the timeliness of deliveries and international transport. In addition, we achieve a meritorious second place for logistic competence. The story is less rosy when we look at our infrastructure and the efficiency of our customs services, both ranking place 14th worldwide.

A look at the domestic little brother, the Domestic Logistic Performance Index, tells us that rail transport, above all, is problematic. Here, 1 out of 5 respondents find its infrastructure below par (compared to 1 out of 8 for roads and 0% for ports, airports and storage facilities).

World Bank, “Connecting to Compete 2018 Trade Logistics in the Global Economy”.

Year 2018
1 Germany
2 Sweden
3 Belgium
4 Austria
5 Japan
6 Netherlands
7 Singapore
8 Denmark
9 United Kingdom
10 Finland
11 United Arab Emirates
12 Hong Kong
13 Switzerland
14 United States
15 New Zealand
16 France
17 Spain
18 Australia
19 Italy
20 Canada