Europese topper: Norway 2 ( )

Nederland: 15 ( )

België: 42 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 135


The Law and Order Index from Gallup makes use of a worldwide survey to determine how (un)safe people feel and how much trust they have in the police and security services. Among other things, this survey asks whether people feel safe on the street alone at night, whether someone from the household has been robbed in the last year, and whether anyone has been attacked in the last year.


First of all, we must note that a good score can be interpreted in various ways. Singapore (1) and Uzbekistan (5) are police states where people might feel safe, but, certainly in the last 2 cases, are not regarded as bright examples for the free world. However, Norway (2), Iceland (3) and Finland (4) show that safety does not have to go hand in hand with repression.

With a 15th place, the Netherlands score significantly better than Belgium at place 42, but as this corresponds to a score of 88 against 83, it’s not clear how much safer the Dutch feel.

Gallup, “Gallup 2018 Global Law and Order Report”


Year 2017
1 Singapore
2 Norway
3 Iceland
4 Finland
5 Uzbekistan
6 Hong Kong
7 Switzerland
8 Canada
9 Indonesia
10 Denmark
11 Slovenia
12 Luxembourg
13 Austria
14 China
15 Netherlands
16 Egypt
17 Georgia
18 Portugal
19 Turkmenistan
20 Ireland
42 Belgium