KOF Swiss Economic Institute

Europese topper: Switzerland 1 ( )

Nederland: 2 ( )

België: 3 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 196


The KOF Globalisation Index measures the economic, social and political dimensions of globalisation. It divides them into de facto and de jure globalisation. The former includes international trade (economic); migration, international students and McDonalds & Ikea sites (social); and the number of embassies (politics). De jure globalisation includes regulation & tariffs on international trade (economic); international airports and press freedom (social); and international conventions (politics).


Although we lead the index last year, we dropped to third place.

Nevertheless, we are doing quite well across the board. Compared to the Netherlands, we have a comparable economic globalisation, a higher social globalisation and lower political globalisation. We were ahead economically for a long time, but the Netherlands have experienced a strong increase, whereas we have stagnated lately. This is even more pronounced politically, with another strong increase for the Netherlands, but an equally sharp decline for Belgium.

Sturm, Haelg, en Gygli, “The KOF Globalisation Index – Revisited”

Year 2018
1 Switzerland
2 Netherlands
3 Belgium
4 Sweden
5 United Kingdom
6 Denmark
7 Austria
8 Germany
9 France
10 Finland
11 Norway
12 Spain
13 Czech Republic
14 Hungary
15 Ireland
16 Canada
17 Luxembourg
18 Estonia
19 Portugal
20 Singapore