Kidsrights Foundation

Europese topper: Norway 1 ( )

Nederland: 6 ( )

België: 17 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 182


The Kids’ Rights index of the foundation with the same name and Erasmus University Rotterdam calculates the rights of children in a country and the extent to which they can be included. The index is based on quantitative data from UNICEF relating to life expectation, public health, education and protection, as well as qualitative data from the UN Children’s Rights Committee for the promoting environment for child rights.


The top three consists of Norway, Iceland and Portugal. The Netherlands take 6th place. Belgium, in 17th place, scores better than Sweden (18), Luxembourg (56) and the United Kingdom (173), but surprisingly worse than Qatar (16) and Tunisia (14). Neither of these is strongly associated with children’s rights, but what is called the ‘enabling environment for Child Rights’ is noticeably better than in Belgium. This category includes, among others, non-discrimination, children’s rights legislation, the importance of children’s rights in the budget, and so on.

Our disadvantage compared to the Netherlands is mainly due to education (measured as number of school years and gender parity) and child protection (measured as child labour, teenage pregnancy and registration of births).

KidsRights, “The KidsRights Index 2018”


Year 2018
1 Norway
2 Iceland
3 Portugal
4 Spain
5 Switzerland
6 Netherlands
7 Finland
8 Germany
9 France
10 Slovenia
11 Denmark
12 Austria
13 Malta
14 Tunisia
15 Latvia
16 Qatar
17 Belgium
18 Sweden
19 Malaysia
20 Chile