Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute

Europese topper: Switzerland 2 ( )

Nederland: 11 ( )

België: 17 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 137


The Global Entrepreneurship Index aims to quantify entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a country. They measure the extent to which (potential) entrepreneurs see an opportunity, are able and dare to seize it, can accomplish their goal, network amongst each other, innovate, compete, want to and are able to grow, handle technological change and surpass national borders. Other indicators include the access to venture capital, and esteem held for (potential) entrepreneurs.


We often see Belgium as an open knowledge-based economy, the results confirm this. We excel in terms of process- and product innovation, competition, (highly) technological firms, and highly qualified workers. Our entrepreneurial networks are somewhat below the European average, and entrepreneurs are held in mediocre or even low esteem. This might account for the fact that the average Belgian won’t spot a business idea, capitalise on this idea or grow the idea from a start-up to a scale-up.

Belgium suffers from a negative perception bias towards entrepreneurs; their essential role in the creation of value is underestimated. In the West-European region and Scandinavia, Belgium has a poor ranking, with the 12th place – behind our neighbouring countries.

Zoltan Acs, László Szerb, en Erkko Autio, The Global Entrepreneurship Index (Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2017)

Year 2018
1 United States
2 Switzerland
3 Canada
4 United Kingdom
5 Australia
6 Denmark
7 Iceland
8 Ireland
9 Sweden
10 France
11 Netherlands
12 Finland
13 Hong Kong
14 Austria
15 Germany
16 Israel
17 Belgium
18 Taiwan
19 Chile
20 Luxembourg