Europese topper: Norway 1 ( )

Nederland: 19 ( )

België: 29 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 37


The wealth of the government measures the difference between the assets of the government, its holdings and its debts. Once again, this includes all branches of government: federal, regional, local and social security. This is compared to the GDP, the size of the economy of a country.
A positive figure means that the government (in the broad sense) can pay off its debt by selling assets, while a negative figure represents an unsecured debt.


Nobody will be surprised about Norway’s leading position here. For years now, a part of their oil revenue was funnelled into a sovereign wealth fund, of which only the real interest may be used. With around 6 times more relative wealth than the second placed country, Finland (308% versus 59%), they are in a category of their own.

Belgium does not do well in 29st place, with no-one in Western or Northern Europe scoring worse. Our government debt is unsecured for 89% of the GDP. Given the gas revenues and a much better balance sheet, the disappointing result of the Netherlands stands out, with a 19st place and around 38% of the GDP in unsecured debt.

OECD, “General Government Financial Wealth (Indicator)”

Year 2016
1 Norway
2 Finland
3 Luxembourg
4 Estonia
5 South Korea
6 Sweden
7 New Zealand
8 Switzerland
9 Denmark
10 Chile
11 Czech Republic
12 Australia
13 Lithuania
14 Turkey
15 Latvia
16 Slovenia
17 Slovak Republic
18 Germany
19 Netherlands
20 Canada
29 Belgium