Yale University, Colombia University and the World Economic Forum

Europese topper: Switzerland 1 ( )

Nederland: 18 ( )

België: 15 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 180


With the Environmental Performance Index, Yale University, Colombia University and the World Economic Forum want to provide empirical grounds for various aspects of environmental protection. In this way, they hope to expose problems faster, identify trends, highlight successes or failures, and optimise investment in environmental protection. They do this with 24 indicators within 10 categories. They discuss the state of the environment (for example, air and water quality) and of ecosystems.


A first look at the ranking immediately reveals the European top performances. Europe accounts for almost all the top 20 places, with the exception of place 17 (New-Zealand), 19 (Israel) and 20 (Japan). Switzerland heads the ranking, mainly due to its performance with regard to eco-systems.

Belgium is not doing too badly in 15th place. Our air quality and heavy metals leave much to be desired, but, in general, we achieve 23rd place for the condition of the environment. Our eco-systems do better, with 13th place. This is mainly thanks to the (care for) biodiversity and waste water. We are a densely populated country, however, which is reflected in the large loss of habitat for animals and the high level of deforestation.

Yale University, Colombia University, en World Economic Forum, “2018 Environmental Performance Index Report”

Year 2016
1 Switzerland
2 France
3 Denmark
4 Malta
5 Sweden
6 United Kingdom
7 Luxembourg
8 Austria
9 Ireland
10 Finland
11 Iceland
12 Spain
13 Germany
14 Norway
15 Belgium
16 Italy
17 New Zealand
18 Netherlands
19 Israel
20 Japan