World Bank

Europese topper: Denmark 3 ( )

Nederland: 36 ( )

België: 45 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 190


The Ease of Doing Business index by the World Bank measures to what extent the regulatory framework stifles entrepreneurship, or allows it to thrive. It includes regulation, red tape, administrative duties and various taxes concerning starting an enterprise, acquiring building permits, electricity supply, property rights, acquiring credit, minority shareholder protection, taxation, international trade, rule of law, and bankruptcy proceedings. Labour regulation is included in the rapport but isn’t used to calculate the index.


As 45nd we find ourselves far from our neighbouring countries, and nowhere near the European leader, Denmark. We clearly do not live up to our potential and are the seventh worse scoring high-income OECD-country. Nevertheless, we climbed seven places compared to last year.

The main culprits for this abysmal result are the electricity supply (112), acquiring credit (60) and property rights (143). We redeem ourselves by heading the ranking concerning international trade, and with excellent results for establishing a new business (33) and bankruptcy proceedings (8).

World Bank, red., Doing Business 2018 Reforming to Create Jobs, Doing Business, 15th edition 2018 (Washington, DC, USA: World Bank Group, 2018)

Year 2018
1  New Zealand
2  Singapore
3  Denmark
4  Hong Kong
5  South-Korea
6  Georgia
7  Norway
8  United States
9  United Kingdom
10  Macedonia
11  United Arab Emirates
12  Sweden
13  Taiwan
14  Lithuania
15  Malaysia
16  Estonia
17  Finland
18  Australia
19  Latvia
20  Mauritius
36  Netherlands
45  Belgium