Europese topper: Spain 1 ( )

Nederland: 15 ( )

België: 28 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 163


Bloomberg’s Global Health Index, sometimes also referred to as Bloomberg’s Healthiest Country Index, measures the health of a country. Please note that, although it is also included in the calculations, it is not the state of the healthcare that is measured. For various reasons, the latter is more often aimed at curing illnesses than being healthy and living healthily. They look at life expectation, primary mortality risks, high blood pressure, the number of smokers, physical movement, but also child malnutrition, mental health and vaccinations.


Spain and Italy take first and second place, probably due to a Mediterranean diet with vegetables, fish and vegetable fats. At 4th place, Japan’s diet also speaks for itself, again fish- and vegetable based. If we compare this with the Burgundian Belgian with a national pride in our beer, chips and chocolate, 28th place – down from 26th – is not surprising. The available data does not discern specific causes in the index, however.

Year 2019
1 Spain
2 Italy
3 Iceland
4 Japan
5 Switzerland
6 Sweden
7 Australia
8 Singapore
9 Norway
10 Israel
11 Luxembourg
12 France
13 Austria
14 Finland
15 Netherlands
16 Canada
17 South Korea
18 New Zealand
19 United Kingdom
20 Ireland
28 Belgium