Europese topper: Norway 1 ( )

Nederland: 10 ( )

België: 12 ( )

Aantal landen opgenomen in de ranking: 28


The OECD’s Better Life Index aims to measure the well-being of a country based on 11 topics related to living conditions and quality of life. These include housing, employment, education, citizenship, subjective happiness, work-life balance, income, social capital, environment, health and safety. What’s interesting about this index is that the relative weighting of the topics can be adjusted through the web interface, from 0 to 5. This means that a topic that is very important in your eyes can be weighted more heavily, or vice versa, a topic can be completely ignored. The ranking is correspondingly adjusted, although we simply kept all topics at the standard weight of 1 each.


Norway maintains its top position, and the rest of Scandinavia also continues to do well. The Netherlands close the top 10, which is still commendable. We are a bit lower, in 12th place. In general, we are among the upper middle section. We see highlights for citizenship (2nd place), income (4th place, above all thanks to the average household wealth ), and the work-life balance (5th place). We also achieve 5th place for housing, but this mainly follows from a high number of rooms per person. Given our tight housing market, this is not necessarily positive. Air pollution explains our poor score for environment, and we are already aware of the disappointing labour market figures (including, among others, social inequality, employment rate and long-term unemployment).

Year 2017
1 Norway
2 Denmark
3 Australia
4 Sweden
5 Canada
6 Switserland
7 Iceland
8 United States
9 Finland
10 Netherlands
11 New Zealand
12 Belgium
13 Germany
14 Luxembourg
15 Ireland
16 United Kingdom
17 Austria
18 France
19 Spain
20 Slovenia