Itinera as a beneficiary in your will

Participate: Include us in your will

Itinera is conducting research into how we can maintain and increase prosperity and social protection in Belgium, for now and for future generations. Even when you’re no longer here, you can help us realise a better future by making a bequest to Itinera. By including us in your will in the form of a “dual bequest” (duolegaat), you and your dependents will also benefit from a tax advantage.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift through a will. This may be a specific sum of money, or a defined object, such as a house or a painting, but it can also be a percentage of the estate or of certain goods. Through a bequest you can make Itinera one of your heirs. Including Itinera in your will does not mean that you’re excluding your heirs. Besides the portion allocated to the legal heirs, the reserved inheritance, you are free to decide how to distribute the remainder after your death.

What is a dual bequest?

A dual bequest (duolegaat) consists of two bequests: you bequeath a sum or property to an heir, and another sum or property to a charity. After death, the charity must pay its own inheritance tax, as well as the inheritance tax of the heir. This leaves the heir with a greater net inheritance. Due to the lower inheritance tax payable by charities in Belgium, this will leave a much smaller amount that is payable to the state.

To clarify the legislation on donations to charities such as Itinera, in conjunction with legal publisher Die Keure have released a guide that you can order here for free. Fill in the form and you will receive the guide at home, no charge.

For more information, please contact Chantal Versweyveld by calling +32 (0)2 412 02 62 or by email.