Les Vertus de l’inégalité


What if inequality represented an opportunity for the world today, an incentive to climb the social ladder, a return to a freer and fairer society? Such is the original and audacious hypothesis put forward by Marc De Vos in his book « Les Vertus de l’inégalité » (The Merits of Inequality).

Marc De Vos challenges the analyses of Piketty, Stiglitz (Nobel Prize winner) and the proponents of wealth redistribution by demonstrating by means of examples how, in order to serve a specific cause, inequality statistics are often biased. Being in favour of giving everyone equal opportunities from birth, he proposes that we break with many preconceived ideas and focus on the effort and talent of each individual as an effective means to improve their living standards.

There is no doubt that inequality continues to rise throughout the West. However, on a global scale this coincides with a trend in which the middle class is becoming increasingly important as a result of individual distinction and shared progress. Definitely not a rhetoric of doom and gloom then. Long live good inequality!

Accessible and inspiring, this thought-provoking book, which focuses on one of the key issues of today, will without doubt change your perspective on the highly prominent topic of inequality.

This book is available in Dutch and in French.