The Enlightenment out of balance

Madrid, London, Paris … and our own capital, March 22 2016 – the attacks in the heart of Belgium and Europe. The security is armed and we will claim for the first time again on “values” in a long time, in the tradition of the Enlightenment and ‘modernity’. Few appoint the principles of the great enlightened thinkers and the significance they have today for modern societies: the importance of democracy and rule of law, universal rights and duties.

The debate sometimes seems adrift. Yet it is the foundations of a modern democracy that rests on legally ordained authority departs from the rights and freedoms of its citizens and accountability of authorities. With plenty of room for the fundamental freedom of opinion and religion, but also limitations. Now we are no longer a homogeneous society, living together becomes a test. We forgot to work on citizenship as an attitude. This book brings together essays by diverse contemporary publicists and beyond the rhetoric. It indicates the basic principles of our society again and show the added value for the society and for the citizens. For all citizens – without distinction.

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Marc De Vos

Marc De Vos holds a Licentiate and Doctorate in Law (UGent), a Master in Social Law (ULB), and a Master of Laws (Harvard University). He is visiting fellow of Itinera and taught employment and labour law, European law, and the rule of law, at Ghent University, the University of Brussels, and at various international universities before he moved to Australia where he became dean at the Macquarie University in Sydney. He writes, lectures and debates on issues of labour and employment law, European integration, labour market reform, pensions, healthcare, ageing and the welfare state, both nationally and internationally, and in academic, professional and policy circles, as well as in the media. His most recent publications are on happiness, capitalism, globalisation, basic income and inequality.

Ivan Van de Cloot

Ivan Van de Cloot studied economics at the University of Antwerp and was research assistant for two years in the domain of public finances. As a consultant he helped preparing the liberalisation of the gas and electricity market in Belgium. Afterwards he worked as an economist for the research department of ING/BBL for 6 years. On top of cyclical analysis he specialized in the analysis of structural characteristics of the Belgian economy. Ivan wrote about pensions but also about the liberalisation of railway traffic, economic aspects of immigration, entrepreneurship and healthcare. As a commentator for financial and economic events, he often appears in the written and audio-visual media. He is equally Executive professor at the Universiteit Antwerpen Management School and has a column in De Tijd. Ivan Van de Cloot is for Itinera author of The pension book and co-author of the Grey gold, in which a strategic vision is developed for respectively our pension system and elder care. In 2016 he published ‘Tax shift, why our country needs a tax reform’ and co-authored ‘De Verlichting uit evenwicht’.