Basic income between dream and reality

The ‘basic income’ is in the spotlight: as an answer to technology that destroys jobs, as a method for creating more opportunities and less poverty, or as an alternative to the welfare state. This book offers a down-to-earth and critical analysis of what has become a real fashion phenomenon in the meantime. It contests both the desirability and the feasibility of a basic income.

The authors argue that a basic income does not offer an adequate answer to the economic or social challenges of our time. They identify a head-on collision between the basic income and the social contract on which our social security and economic model are based.  They see the basic income as an instrument that threatens our opportunities policy and our welfare, rather than supporting it.

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Marc De Vos

Marc De Vos holds a Licentiate and Doctorate in Law (UGent), a Master in Social Law (ULB), and a Master of Laws (Harvard University). He is visiting fellow of Itinera and taught employment and labour law, European law, and the rule of law, at Ghent University, the University of Brussels, and at various international universities before he moved to Australia where he became dean at the Macquarie University in Sydney. He writes, lectures and debates on issues of labour and employment law, European integration, labour market reform, pensions, healthcare, ageing and the welfare state, both nationally and internationally, and in academic, professional and policy circles, as well as in the media. His most recent publications are on happiness, capitalism, globalisation, basic income and inequality.

Simon Ghiotto

Simon Ghiotto holds Masters’ in Economics from Ghent University as well as from the Université de Namur and Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve. On top of that, he obtained his teachers’ degree. He has been with Itinera since 2014 working on various fields within Social Policy. Amongst others writting De Staat van het Gezin/L’État de la Famille (2016) on family policy, which was nominated for Le Prix du Livre Politique 2016 (Policy book of the year), co-authoring Basisinkomen tussen droom en werkelijkheid/Revenu universel entre rêve et réalité (2017) on basic income and contributing to Plan voor het Land/Projet pour la Belgique (2019). He also volunteers at SODA+ and Act4Change. Soda+ is a non-profit geared towards helping vocational  schools promote behavioural changes in students, Act4Change is a youth organisation geared towards sustainability. Simon also hosts the Itinera Talks Podcast.