Annual Report 2020


The 2020 annual report gives an insight into the operations of Itinera. It describes the mission and vision of this independent think tank and introduces you to the team. The 2020 annual report provides a summary of that year’s publications: webinars, podcasts, books and reports. We provide several examples of their significant impact. Finally, Itinera provides a summary of its private and public events.

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Liesbeth Defrancq

Liesbeth Defrancq is Office Manager at the Itinera Institute. She studied Law at the VUB in Brussels and Journalism at Erasmushogeschool in Brussels. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Law and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She joined the Itinera-team in October 2016. Previously, Liesbeth worked as an editor for the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws.