The successful school

The book ‘The successful school” offers a thorough, objective and clear view of French-speaking and Dutch-speaking education in our country. It is distinguished by its economic perspective on education, and taking recent figures and facts as a starting point.

In a context of increasing heterogeneity in the pupil population, the book focuses on the dual task of education: excellence and social mobility. It makes use of international comparisons, and refers to proven evidence abroad.  In this way it comes to some surprising findings, such as the disturbing connection between the functioning of the social lift and inequality at school, or between the functioning of the social lift and success at school.

The book also touches on a number of fundamental themes that highlight it from an original perspective: equal opportunities, social mix, early school leaving, connection to the labor market, financial education and the financing of compulsory education.  A comparison is made between the Dutch-language and the French-language educational system for each theme, with some concrete policy proposals at the end of each chapter.

This book is available in French or Dutch.