Managing Director, Leo Neels, emeritus at Antwerp University


Leo Neels, Managing Director of Itinera, is retiring after 25 years as Professor of Media and Communications Law at the University of Antwerp. He was a lawyer and lecturer of Media and Communications Law at the KU Leuven (1980-2013) and UAntwerpen universities (1992-2018). As Director General of VTM (1989-1993) and Chairman of the Board of NV Persagentschap Belga (1994-2014), Leo Neels experienced the profound changes in the media landscape as an active stakeholder. “In the old days, you would have the paper in the morning, the news on the radio and the evening news – and that was it. Today, we have access to news 24/7,” he commented. Leo Neels is by no means ready to rest on his laurels, though. “Fortunately, there’s no age restriction for the management at Itinera. The company aims to promote better governance in Belgium, something we definitely need, so much remains to be done,” he concluded during a studio talk at the regional broadcaster ATV.

Read his emeritus lecture at the University of Antwerp.