How does Itinera operate?

1. Determine the agenda

To take part in the debate, we study and analyse situations as well as proposals from policy-makers and organisations. Your own proposals for these situations are certainly welcome. Please pass them along on our Get involved page.

The small core team of Itinera – General Director, Chief Economist and all other researchers – determine the operation of the Institute by mutual agreement.

2. Mount and conduct an investigation

Our employees mount an investigation with thematic steering committees. These include representatives of the various parties involved, thereby creating a cross-section of the sector. These kinds of steering committees ensure complete input from the sector involved.

3. Output of information

Once our experts have examined the subject, they formulate their long-term vision in a report or via an event that plays a role in the story in question. Based on these findings we also regularly organise debates with key figures  and specialists in relevant fields, where all opinions are welcome.

Thus they ensure that information flows through to the right people and that the debate is and continues to be energised.

Operating funds

Itinera works without support from government, interest groups, political parties or civil society organisations. We are funded by individuals, families, foundations and corporations who believe in our actions and our goals. Financial support of Itinera can be without obligation, through a one-time only donation, through patronage, or by including an endowment in your will. You can also opt for multi-year funding that is exclusively linked to the mission of the institute.