About Itinera

What is Itinera?

Itinera is a think tank which researches major social issues with complete objectivity and independence with a view to achieving improvements in policy.

Itinera has been monitoring developments in Belgium since 2006. We focus on:

  • Creation of prosperity: growth, entrepreneurship, enterprises
  • Good Governance: government, taxation and budgeting
  • Democratic inclusion: education, employment, protection, integration of migrants.

We develop expertise and create pathways from expertise to impact. We work with a highly qualified team of recognised experts from across Belgium and abroad.

Our expertise generates reports that appear on our website, in the media, at public debates, events and activities.

The studies and reports created by Itinera are based on a sound strategic vision, which enables us to produce in-depth and correct analyses of current issues. They are based on scientific data but are not academic; they always generate actual policy recommendations. Belgian federal, regional or local policies – because that is what we focus on and aim to influence and improve.

Itinera is also a do tank. It makes the results of its studies known to the outside world, tests proposals and recommendations with all social stakeholders, is in continual dialogue with determining social forces in policymaking, administration and civil society.

Itinera aims to influence and have an impact on policy in a totally open and transparent manner. Decisions made today must not encumber future generations; they should facilitate and improve their prosperity.

Read here our annual report 2020.

What Itinera definitely is not?

Itinera has no power. We are not a lobby group. We only want to assist and stimulate the debate. Selflessly. Itinera does not promote interests, does not act as a consultant and does not work to ‘order’.

The credibility of the think tank rests entirely on its independence, which is demonstrated by the quality of the studies and reports which are exclusively the result of the efforts made by the fellows, the Itinera researchers who conceptualize and outline their research and studies in total intellectual freedom.

We do not take decisions. We do contribute to them and provide support along the way.