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Itinera is a think tank which researches major social issues with complete objectivity and independence with a view to achieving improvements in policy.

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In its New Year Letter, Itinera presents its ten wishes for 2016. With contributions of Leo Neels, Ivan Van de Cloot, Marc De Vos, Bilal Benyaich, Johan Albrecht, Jean Hindriks, Alexandre Simons en…


Madrid, London, Paris ... and our own capital, March 22 2016 - the attacks in the heart of Belgium and Europe. The security is armed and we will claim for the first time again on "values" in a long ti…
Our western societies are going through a massive shake-up. The globalisation of the economy is leading to a multipolar, complex world. After the first two industrial revolutions, one in the 1780s involving the sciences, textile-making techniques, metalworking and rail transport, and the other from the 1880s onwards, with the advent of the internal combustion engine, electricity, cars and aircr…
A hail of statistics and forecasts from the IMF and the European Central Bank (ECB) is confronting us with an undeniable truth – the economy is not recovering fast enough. Growth rates, though positive, are mediocre. And the main indicator of economic recovery, namely anticipatory purchases and investments, i.e. inflation, has been revised downwards, despite the enormous injections of liq…
The real challenge over the next few years will be to avoid the shipwreck of the eurozone economy in what is often called a Japanese-style deflationary scenario - but with the Chinese slow-down feeding into it. This scenario is looking more and more plausible as prices have been stagnating for two years now and the inflation rate remains desperately low. Technically, of course, this could be de…

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